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Get a FREE consultation and take immediate action to lower your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars in some circumstances.

Friendly and Caring

Speak to a representative that is friendly, caring and are always ready to answer your questions or concerns help you get out of bad debt situation.

Get Free of Debt

Pay off your debt and get free by enrolling in a settlement program and remove any hold leverage lenders have over you.

Get Free of Debt

Roll all your debt into one low monthly payment you can afford. Make your life easier by not having multiple different payments.

Got a Mountain of Debt? We Can Help!

We understand that tough life circumstances can place you in a difficult position where you need help with lowering your debt. Get help from a partner who has assisted thousands of individuals nationwide in achieving peace of mind.

Since the financial collapse of the late 2000s, Congress has passed several bills to help consumers fight back predatory financial practices. Debt Consolidation (without a loan) and Debt Settlement are two of the more attractive options available to you.

A settlement may reduce your debt balance, penalties and interest, and substantially lowers monthly payments. As a result, you may pay your debt off much faster and get a fresh start on your life. Credit card companies have incentive to settle debts so you avoid bankruptcy and they don’t have to deal with more restrictive legislation from Congress.

Take your first step towards a better tomorrow! Start with your free debt relief consultation by calling us at 844-586-6303. it's completely free, and there is no obligation. We're here to help you get to a brighter future!

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Current Terms

Minimum Payments

An example of how long it may take to pay off your balance when you pay only your current monthly minimum credit card payment.


New Terms & Reduction

Renegotiated Terms

This is how long it takes to pay off your debt with a Settlement through a partner, along with possibly reducing fees or debt amounts.

Est. payment period based on program, debtors, and negotiated terms – estimated on publicly available information, as of 2/22/17.

The Truth About Your Credit Card Debt

If you are feeling trapped by unsecured debt of any kind, it's probably a good time to get help and take action. If you are either able to only afford your monthly minimum payments or are currently behind on payments, then debt settlement may be a good option.

Know that bankruptcy should truly be a last resort, as it would affect you for a lifetime. It would negatively impact your ability to rent or buy a home or car, and it would likely disqualify you from starting certain kinds of business, or securing many different kinds of jobs.

Credit card companies have many legal rights and ways to come after the consumers indebted to them. Things can get scary with harassing collection calls, wage garnishments, and lawsuits. By getting help from a professional firm that knows how to negotiate and settle debts you could find your path to financial freedom.

Credit card companies aim to keep you in debt, making money off of the interest they charge in perpetuity, making it close to impossible to get out of debt. Take a few minutes today to speak to a specialist for free and learn about your debt relief options that can save you thousands.

We've Got Your Back

When credit card companies have such a relentless hold on your life, it's easy to feel utterly powerless. Our mission is to help you restore your life.

On the surface credit card companies seem unfair at first and unwilling to compromise, but they understand that they need to offer consumers the opportunity to pay what they can afford and fulfill guidelines mandated by federal and state governments.

It's never easy, but by working with a debt settlement expert you can likely restore your financial circumstances. Get the timely advice you need to be interest and penalties, and get your life back on track.

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